You can print your calendar or task view in Informant.  Anything that is shown on your calendar view you are on when you choose to print (including tasks and pinned notes) will be printed. Any task that is shown in the task view you are on when you choose to print will be printed.

In order to print, you can follow these steps:

On iOS - Go to Informant Settings>General Settings>Enable Printing.   Then, from your calendar or task view you’ll see the printer icon at the bottom of the page.  Choose your date range and tap 'print' at the top right.

On Android - tap the menu icon at the bottom right corner of your calendar or task view. Then choose Print; select your date range and save. (You can also choose to save as a PDF here)

On Mac - from the month or stack week views, or task view go to informant menu>file>print.  Choose your date range and select OK.

Printing will appear in an Agenda style only, there is not a way to change that at this time.  

**There is one workaround for this on the MacOS, iPad, and Android Tablet. If you'd like to print your calendar as it is in your Month View in Informant, you can take a screenshot of your screen on the month you'd like to print, and then print this screenshot. **