To create a backup

In informant tap the menu icon at the bottom right corner and choose Settings>backup.

- make a manual backup by tapping the menu icon at the top right and choose backup now.
- set an auto-backup interval by tapping the checkbox to the far right the 'auto backup enabled' option
- then tap the arrow to the left of the 'auto backup enabled' option
- set your backup interval as you want it to apply. We recommend daily and keeping at least 5 backups
- at the 'to' option choose whether you want the backup to save to your devices internal storage (local) or dropbox if you have a dropbox account.

What is saved by a backup

An informant backup saves all data stored in the Pocket Informant database and settings.

Basically this is all the data you see in Pocket Informant except for Contacts and Google Calendar events. This includes all non-synced items, and anything synced to informant sync, google task, or toodledo.

Contacts are not managed by informant and will only show what is in the native contacts application on your device.

Google calendar events are managed by Google so your device or Google will save that data during one of their backup processes outside of informant.

* The file size of informant isn't always indicative of how much data is in the database. Informant constantly defragments the database and your backups may happen before or after this process resulting in a varying file size. The best way to see how much data is in your database is by the item count not the file size of your backup.