Smart filters are an easy way to sort your tasks by specific 'rules'.

First, create a new Smart Filter and give it a title:

  • iOS - Go to Informant Settings > Calendars, Triggers, and more > Manage Smart Filters > tap the + icon at the top right. Give the filter a title then tap the Edit Rules option.

  • Android - Go to the Task view and tap the general area at the top left corner to open the task view selector. Scroll to the bottom of that list to find Smart Groups and tap the triangle icon at the far right side. Choose New Smart Group, then give your Smart Filter a name. (On Android Smart Filters are called Smart Groups, but we'll get that fixed in a future update.)

  • MacOS - go to Informant menu > Manage > Smart Filters. Tap the + icon at the bottom left and name your filter.

Now that your Smart Filter has a name, let's give it some rules. Rules are what you want the filter to look for in your tasks so you see only tasks that apply to that.

The first option lets you choose from the following based on the type of task attributes you want to sort on:
  • Action
  • Completed Date
  • Date Created
  • Due Date
  • Percent Complete
  • Priority
  • Folder/Project
  • Starred
  • Start Date
  • Type
  • Title

The second and third options will show you options for your comparison type and values based on the first option you chose.

For example, if you only want to see tasks that had a start date before today, you would set your first option to 'start date'. You would then set the second option to 'is before'. And you would set the third option to 'today'.

You can have as many rules set for each Smart Filter as you want. The more rules you have for one filter the more specific the results of that filter will be.
When all the rules you want to apply to that specific filter are set, save the filter.

Now let's see the results of the filter you set.

Once created, you have the options to view your Smart filters and their corresponding tasks in the Focus view as well as the general task view.

Task view - This view is found by selecting the checkmark icon at the bottom of your mobile device, or in the top nav bar on the Mac version. In this view you will see options such as Projects, Contexts, All Active tasks, Completed tasks, etc. Scroll down in this view to find your Smart Filters and select one to view its tasks that match the parameters that you have assigned to it.

Focus view (only available in iOS & macOS) - In order to view your Smart Filters in the Focus view you will need to adjust your Focus View settings first. In iOS go to Informant Settings > View Settings > Focus View > toggle on which filters you would like to add to the view. In Mac go to Informant menu > Preferences > Focus > check the boxes of the filters you would like to add to the view. Then when you are in the Focus View you will see all tasks that apply to those Smart Filters.

Will Smart Filters sync?

Yes, if you have the same informant sync account setup on each device. However, Smart Filters that have any rules which reference a project/task that does not sync with Informant Sync will not sync those tasks.