With Apple releasing iOS 14.5 on April 26, 2021 - Pocket Informant v4 is no longer compatible due to the deprecation of Apple libraries and development being focused on Pocket Informant v5 since 2016. With each new Apple release over the years we have seen v4 continue to gradually lose functionality and behave more unpredictably. Because Pocket Informant v5 is our current release that we are actively updating and support, we are able to ensure that things continue working smoothly on the most recent iOS.

In order to continue using Pocket Informant products you will need to move your account and data to Pocket Informant v5. The following link should help with that process.


We are not able to force v4 to work with the new version of iOS . If your data is synced to Apple Calendar, Apple Reminders, Google Task, Google Calendar, Toodledo, or Evernote you can still access it in those applications outside of Informant. If your data was synced to Informant Sync or not synced, you will need to upgrade to Informant 5 to access it.

An active Informant Sync subscription is required to unlock the full features and functionality of Pocket Informant v5. In order to move all of your data from v4 to v5 make sure that you add the active Informant Sync account to the app via Informant Settings > Accounts > Add Sync Service > Informant sync, and then perform a sync to unlock the app. If you do not currently have an Informant Sync account you can sign up for a 2-week free trial here - https://pocketinformantonline.com/signup