Beginning with Pocket Informant 5.49 for iOS

Pocket Informant Offers the following Siri Shortcuts-

Add event

Let’s Write Something (add a note)

Add task

Add checklist

Show me my calendar (Shows the month view)

Show me my tasks (Shows Main Task View)

Show me today (shows Focus View)

When using Siri Shortcuts you have to actually do the function in the application, create a note, create a task etc. before Siri will be able to add it as a shortcut.

In iOS 12 without the Apple Shortcuts Application installed you can manage the Siri Shortcuts in the device settings under Siri/search. Scroll down the list to Pocket Informant to enable and disable the Siri Shortcuts.

For iOS 13 you still have to do the function first in the application then go to the built in Shortcuts application to manage the actual shortcuts. In the Shortcuts application scroll to Informant and adjust the Siri Shortcuts as needed.

iOS 11 does not support the use of Siri Shortcuts.

The Siri shortcuts also work as a habit tracker, if for example, you create a note daily at 3pm Siri will learn this and ask you daily around 3pm if you want to create a note.

Pocket Informant already supports Siri commands which are different from Siri Shortcuts so if you have been using the Siri commands with Informant already those behaviors will not change.