Informant 4.94 was retired several years ago.  It had not been updated since 2016 and was gradually losing functionality.   The application was not tested for use with iOS 12, 13 or 14 and is not certified for use with iOS 12, 13, or 14.  The application may or may not run and if it does you might experience unpredictable behavior.

Due to the status of the application only basic support can be offered at this point.

The best course of action is to upgrade to Informant 5.

Informant 5 will install in parallel to Informant 4 and will pull over the data from Informant 4 automatically.

Informant 5 is subscription based application.   Now if you are currently subscribed to the Informant Sync service you can simply add the sync service to the accounts area of Informant and tap begin sync and the application will be unlocked.  If you are not subscribed to Informant Sync then you will need to purchase a subscription to Informant 5 to unlock the application.