If you are already subscribed to Informant Sync and purchase ISFO the following will apply regarding the extension of your Informant Sync subscription that is included with your purchase of ISFO.

(This will be a long article please read the entire content)

If you purchased your original Informant Sync subscription via our website and have never renewed via iTunes then an extra year will added to your subscription from the time you purchase ISFO, this will change the expiration/renewal date for your Informant Sync account.

If you purchased your Informant Sync subscription in app via iTunes then its a bit more complicated. This DOES NOT include subscriptions to Informant 5 they cannot be extended with the purchase of ISFO.

A standalone Informant Sync subscription purchased via iTunes will have the additional year from the ISFO purchase applied at the data of purchase. The issue here is that the extension to the Informant Sync account is not applied to iTunes purchase. Meaning that your Informant Sync account may show an expiration date of 3/15/2019 after your ISFO purchase but your iTunes auto renewal sees the subscription expiring 6/20/2018, it will auto renew on 6/20/2018 and wipe out your ISFO extension. To avoid this you will need to do the following.

Please go to the following link and disable the auto renewal of your Informant Sync subscription.

Then make an event in Informant to remind you a few days before your new Informant Sync expiration date to go back to the same link and re-enable the auto renewal. This will ensure that your sync is not interrupted and you will be able to use the free extension from ISFO.

If you have questions please feel free to contact our support team,