Special Features

1.    Sync Informant Calendars to Outlook Folders

ISFO will sync multiple Informant calendars, task folders (Projects), and note folders (Notebooks).

On the PC in ISFO settings, when choosing Outlook Folder for Calendar, the folder you select will correspond to Informant’s “My Calendar”.  Sub-folders will be created that correspond with additional Informant calendars. 

Similarly, notes and tasks from Informant not designated to a folder will sync to the top most task or note folder.  Notes and tasks from informant designated to a folder will sync to a sub-folder within the top most task or note folder.

2.    Task Parent/Child and  Check Lists

ISFO will sync Parent/Child tasks from Informant to Outlook.  In Outlook the child tasks are noted with the parent name in the subject field.  To add a new child, make a new task with the same parent name.

3.    Task Context and Location fields

Informant Tasks have fields for Context and Location.  Outlook does not have these fields.  The Context and Location will be noted in the Outlook note for the the task.  When you enter a new task in Outlook, you can enter Context and Location in the same style, and they will move to Informant.