How to Set Up Informant Sync for Outlook

Set up Informant Sync for Outlook:

1.     1. Settings

a.     Informant Cloud Settings

                                               i.     Enter your Email, First Name, Last Name, and password for your Informant Cloud sync account.

b.     Outlook Settings

                                               i.     Choose what you want to sync and the sync direction for Calendar, Tasks, and Notes

2.     2. Advanced Settings

a.     Auto-Sync – We recommend Realtime sync.  In this mode, changes in Outlook are synchronized immediately to Informant Sync.  Changes to Informant will move to Outlook in about two minutes.

                                               i.     Realtime – Sync from Outlook will trigger as they are made. Changes from Informant will sync within 1 minute.

                                             ii.     Timed Sync – Sync will occur at the selected time interval.

                                            iii.     Manual – Manually press the sync button to sync.

b.     Sync Time

                                               i.     Always synchronize – Auto-sync will remain active throughout the day

                                             ii.     Synchronize only between these times – Auto-sync will occur only between the selected hours.

c.     Logging

                                               i.     Enable Logging – Use only if instructed by technical support.

                                             ii.     Extended Logging – Use only if instructed by technical support.

                                            iii.     Reread Outlook – Sets ISFO to do a full read of the Outlook folders on the next sync.

                                            iv.     Reread Informant Sync – Sets ISFO to do a full read of Informant Cloud on the next sync.

d.     Proxy Settings – Enter Proxy information if required for your network.

3.     3. Outlook Folders

a.     Select the Outlook folder you wish to sync with.

                                               i.     If you will be syncing multiple calendars or task/note folders from Informant Sync, select the top most folder.