There are a few ways to share your data.

First Informant 5 requires a subscription to informant sync to access the ability to sync to anything.

It is possible to share a single subscription. As part of any Informant 5 subscription you can use the Informant Sync service. If you haven't already please go to the following link and create your Informant Sync account.

Then add that sync account in the Informant Sync settings for each Informant 5 application that you wish to unlock and tap begin sync, the application will remain unlocked as long as the sync subscription is current.

Then it’s your choice how you want to share your calendars as all of the following options will be available:

Google calendar - You can sync with google and share your calendars. You would either login to the same google account on both devices, or login to your own google account and within your google calendar online choose to share a calendar with them. The data will then be available in informant through your google/native calendar app on that device.

Informant sync - If you choose to share a subscription - since you would be already logged into the same account on both devices, you are already sharing your calendar assigned to this account. You can create as many calendars as you want that are synced and if you choose, stop the sync to specific calendars the other doesn’t need access to. You can start/stop syncing to these calendars easily by going to informant settings>accounts>informant sync>calendars to use.