Informant can’t sync directly with Outlook, or office 365. You’ll need to use Exchange, gSyncit or Informant sync for Outlook (ISFO) to sync your outlook data into informant.

For Exchange - If you use exchange you would need to configure your exchange account in your device (not informant) settings so you will be able to see your data in the google/native calendar app on your android device. Informant will show the data from there.

For Gsyncit - Outlook will sync to gSyncit, then that will sync to a calendar that Informant supports (Google calendar or informant sync), and from there you can sync the data into your informant app.

For ISFO - ISFO will sync outlook through your Informant sync account to Informant. You need to have a PC with the ‘click to run’ or ISO version of the outlook program installed and complete your purchase of and download ISFO - then confirm you have the same informant sync username logged into it as you do in informant on your device. This will not work with Outlook365, the windows app store version of Outlook, or on a Mac.

Then when you create a new event in Informant, tap the calendar option in the event and choose your Outlook calendar to sync back to. For tasks, tap the project option in a task in informant and choose the project/service you have synced from outlook.