Go to Informant settings>backup.

You can choose auto backup with the settings options listed on this page.  Or tap the menu bars at the top right and choose to make a backup now.   

Backups are by default saved to your device, but you can also choose to save externally to Dropbox.  Just tap the menu bars at the 'auto backup enabled option' and at the 'to' option choose Dropbox.

To restore a backup, go to Informant settings>backup and tap the triangle to the far right of the last backup created, then choose restore

Recently, Android and Google changed the requirements for accessing internal storage on your device for your security. As a result of that change you will not be able to access internal storage any longer outside of informant's backup setting.

If you want to move a backup file from one device to another (which isn't a typical 'every day' type practice) you will need to connect your device to a PC to get the backup file. Again that is part of the new android/google security, not something imposed by informant.

*If you are using informant version 4 keep in mind that version is no longer supported and we will not be making any updates to that version for this change. Please update to informant 5. If you are installing informant 5 on the same device you have 4 on and you had made a backup before this change happened you will be able to see those files in informant settings>backup to restore from.