You can use these instructions to move data from an old Android device to a new Android device or when upgrading from Informant 4 on Android to Informant 5 on Android. None of this will work to or from an iOS or Mac device.

*Android informant version 4 is no longer supported and was retired in 2020. We cannot help with any feature, setting, or data in that version. You will need to upgrade to informant 5.

1 - If you are installing informant 5 on a new device:

a) If you still have your old device you can copy the backup from the PocketInformant folder on your flash storage to the same location on the new device (they are simple zip files with file name corresponding to backup date). They should be available then in Settings->Backup to restore from in Informant on your new device.

b) If you have any data synced to google calendar (you can see your events in your google calendar online) you will need to have the google calendar app installed on your new device and be able to see your data there the same as google online first. Informant will share the data with the google calendar app.

2 - If you are installing Informant 5 on the same device you have Informant 4 on:

a) First go to informant settings>accounts>login and complete a sync with your informant sync account to unlock the app.

b) Restore a backup. Simply open the old 4.20 version and go to informant settings>backup>tap the menu icon at the top right and choose 'backup now' - by default new backups are saved locally so you'll see it listed on that same page under 'existing backups - local'.

Then open informant 5 and go to settings>backup>you'll see that same backup listed here. Tap the triangle to the far right to restore that backup. Choose to restore Both settings and data when asked, confirm you want to restore.

c) If your data is synced in informant 4.20 to google calendar it will be automatically available in informant 5. If your data is synced to any other service you just need to login and complete a sync with those services in informant 5.