Restoring your purchase depends on what version of informant you have installed on your Android device.

You can see your current version number at informant settings>about.

A) If you see version 4.20 then go to informant settings>support>unlock application.

-This will show a popup dialog where you can enter an unlock code, and also shows your gmail address which is used to calculate the unlock code.

-Let me know the email address shown in that popup dialog so we can generate a code for you.

-We will reply to you again with the code once we get that email address.

-When you then enter the valid code in informant settings>support>unlock application, it will indicate so and will unlock the app as a fully purchased app.

**Keep in mind that version 4.20 was retired last year and is no longer supported. You are welcome to continue using that version but due to its age we cannot help if anything were to stop functioning as you expect with a feature or your data. It's recommended that you upgrade to informant 5 soon.

B) If you see that you have version 5.01 you will need to login and compete a sync with your informant sync account to unlock the app.

If you don't have an active informant sync account now you can purchase one in app or on our website, then complete the login/sync to unlock the app.

**Informant 5 is a subscription based application. If you have a current informant sync subscription now you simply need to login and complete a sync to unlock informant 5. If you don't have a subscription now you can purchase one in app or on our website, then login and complete a sync.