If you are using the iOS calendar data in your Informant application and you wish to share the calendar data with another person it will not be possible to do that from inside of Informant.

This includes iCloud and Exchange data.

When Informant is configured to use the iOS calendar data the device is responsible for syncing the data, storing the data and backing up the data.  The device shares the data with Informant which is how it is available for use there.

To share this data with anyone else the others will need to have their devices set up sync to the same iCloud or Exchange account that you are using.  This is not a function of Informant in this configuration.

This only applies when using iOS data in Informant.

If your data is syncing directly to and from Informant via Google, Toodledo, Informant Sync or Evernote the information above does not apply.