Triggers are the new modern version of Templates available on iOS and Mac Informant, but with some important differences:

  • Triggers are designed to be picked by a set of keywords. For example you might set a set of keywords to be “Soccer”, or “Football” – and if those keywords are used, the trigger gets applied (hence its name)
  • All of the trigger properties are optional – every single one!
  • Triggers can be applied to either events or tasks – or both. So you can create a single trigger that works across events and tasks!
  • Triggers sync to any iOS or macOS device (Android coming next year) – even triggers that apply to Apple Calendars or Google/Toodledo accounts
  • Triggers do not support all the fields that Templates did.  At this time you won't have the following options in a Trigger.  However you can still add these to your task after the trigger is applied:
    • Alarms, Repeat, attendees, url.
    • Child Tasks are titles only.
    • Notes are plain text only.​
    • Task duration.h

I encourage you to review this video on our youtube channel.   Triggers will start at about 1:52