When you have a synchronization issue, it may be helpful to follow a few steps to get your issue solved or get Support the correct information:

Make sure that you are fully logged into your Informant Sync account by checking your Informant Settings>Accounts>Informant Sync.
  • You should see your username, expiration date, and most recent sync date here.
If you are experiencing trouble with your Google Sync, Go into your Informant Settings>Accounts and make sure that your Google Account is added here. (This option only applies to iOS devices as Android devices will be automatically logged into the user's Google Account)

For events and tasks that are not syncing, open up the event or task to it's edit screen and make sure that the event/task is saving to an Informant Sync Calendar.
  • Events: Open the event to it's edit screen and tap the calendar it shows it's saving to. This will bring up a list of calendars under the headers of the sync services they are assigned to.
  • Tasks: Check the task's project. It should be an Informant Sync project.
For a Google Task or Toodledo Account that isn't syncing, Go into your Informant Settings>Accounts and remove the account. (Don't just log out) Re-add the account and complete a manual sync.

If you are still having trouble, Contact Support. Be sure to let us know where you are seeing the issue. Apple, Google, or Informant Sync.

If the sync issue is happening between devices, Let us know the direction of the issue. Is your iPhone not Syncing to your iPad but the iPad syncs to the iPhone? Is it not syncing in both directions? This information will help us get to the bottom of your issue with as little back and forth as possible.