When you have a synchronization issue, it may be helpful to follow a few steps to get us the proper information:

  1. Detailed information on what is not working. If you create a task on iOS and its not syncing to Desktop - that’s what I need to know.
    1. Here is what helps:
      1. “I created a task on my iPhone, and when I ran sync on my desktop - it was not there”
      2. “When I create a new event on Desktop, I do not see it on my iPhone after a sync”
  2. When you create a new event or task - or if you see a task or event that has not synced, open that event or task up. Make sure that its actually set to sync to Informant Sync:
    1. For an event, check its calendar. The calendar should be an Informant Sync calendar. You can check this by tapping the event and bringing up the event quick view box. Tap the arrow in the right of the box to bring up the event edit page. Tap the calendar it's set to sync to. This will bring up a list of calendars under the header of the sync service they are assigned to.
    2. For a task, check its project - it should be an Informant Sync project
  3. Make sure that you have run a manual sync on both iOS and Desktop. Its just good to see if its the sync itself that problem, or that auto-sync is not working.
  4. Be clear about which direction the issue is occurring in: iOS to Desktop or Desktop to iOS or both.
  5. If you have tried the above and can identify exactly what is not working, then please do the following:
    1. Turn on Sync Logging on the device that sync is not working. On Desktop this is in Preferences->Advanced. On iOS its in the Sync Accounts page.
    2. Then reproduce the problem in one simple exact situation. Please do not do a bunch of stuff - synchronization is already a huge haystack of info and the more you do, the harder it is to  find the “needle” of the problem.
      1. An example of reproducing the problem would be to create a new task or event, save it. Then sync on that device. Go to the next device, manually sync. Then capturing the logs of both sides.
    3. Get us the logs of the side of the issue. For example as in #4, if the issue is data being synced DOWN to iOS, get the iOS logs. If its down to OS X - get the Desktop logs. If its both, get us both logs.