Informant has many different view options.  The various views are chosen in the tab bar (for the iPhone the tab bar at the bottom of the screen is scrollable left and right to see more buttons).

Tapping a tab will open that view.

The views are as follows-

Calendar View- The area in Informant to view all calendar information

Task View- The portion of Informant dedicated to their tasks and management of them

Notes View- In this area you can create text notes and voice notes and manage them

Settings View- In this view you can access all of the Informant settings and configure Informant to support your specific needs

Focus View- This view shows events, tasks, notes and meeting contacts due today or tomorrow

Informant Today is the widget from Informant that you can add to the iOS notification center to show you a summary of what is happening in the Informant application today.

Each view can be customized in the Informant settings, view settings.