We have two different options - a notification center widget and a homescreen widget.

* We call the notification center widget - Informant Today.

To turn this on go to the notification center on your device (from your device home screen swipe all the way to the left) and tap the 'edit' icon at the bottom of that page. Tap the 'customize' option at the bottom of that screen and turn on Informant Today.

Then in informant, go to settings>view settings>Informant Today to choose the options you want to see in that notification center.

* The homescreen widget was introduced with iOS 14.

To turn this on go to the homescreen on your device and tap/hold on that view. Your apps will start to shake and then you'll tap the + icon at the top left. Scroll down the list of widgets available to find Informant 5. When you select this you'll have the option to choose from several different widget styles. After you select the style you want, it will be added to your home screen. You can drag/drop this widget anywhere on the homescreen that you want. To customize the type of data you see on this widget tap/hold the widget to show a popup with the option 'edit widget'.