If the tag field is missing in the events editor please check the calendar that the event is assigned to.

This is done by opening up the event as if you were going to edit it and tapping the calendar field.

A list of calendars will be displayed along with their sync services.  Any calendars listed as iOS calendars, device calendars or Exchange calendars would be considered iOS calendars.  These calendars are not stored in Informant.  They are stored in the devices own calendar application and are shared with Informant.  This means that the events are subject to the limitations of the iOS calendar database in that tags are not supported.  To use tags the event will need to be assigned to an Informant based calendar.  However making this change will impact the syncing of the event.


If your task is showing Reminders in the sync to or save to field that means that it has been assigned to the iOS Reminders database.  This database does not support the user of tags so the tag field is disabled in the editor.  Changing the task sync to or save to assignment to "none" or to one of the Informant sync services the tag field will again be available.  This change will impact the syncing of the tasks.