Removing or uninstalling Informant to attempt to correct a technical issue is not advised unless directed to do so by Informant Support.

When the application is uninstalled, the current data, all backups, and all logging is deleted.  Additionally all of the settings files are removed as well.

When the application is reinstalled it is as if it was just installed for the first time.

The application will have no previous custom settings, it will not have any data on board*

It can be repopulated by data synced from an outside sync service such as Google, Toodledo, Informant Sync or Evernote provided that the sync service still has the data stored.

If you externally backed up your Informant database you can restore the data from that external backup into Informant.

*If the iOS events and tasks are enabled in the Informant settings, the iOS data will be visible in Informant following a fresh install of the application.  This data is not part of the Informant database and is shared from the device itself.  iOS data is also not lost when the Informant application is uninstalled/removed.