When using iOS Calendar and Reminders data inside of the iOS Informant application this data is simply the iOS calendar and reminders data being shared with Informant.  The Informant application does not store, backup, or sync this data.  All of those responsibilities are handled by the device.

With the explained, the iOS data cannot be synced to the Informant application on an Android device.

Some Informant users have reported that there are 3rd party utilities available in the Android app store that will allow this to be done.  We do not endorse or provide support for the use of 3rd party applications for this task.

The iOS calendar and task data comes into the iOS device from one of three sources, iCloud or Exchange or Google depending on how your device is configured.  With the exception of iCloud your Android device can sync with these sources and the data will be available in the Android Informant (except, of course, for the iCloud data)

To be clear, data in the iOS version of Informant that is not from the iOS calendar or iOS reminders can be synced to Informant on an Android device as the iOS Informant and Android Informant use the same sync services.