If you've attempted to login to Informant Sync and receive an error, here are the most common ways to resolve the problems:

Expired Subscription
Even if your subscription purchase has processed, you still need to complete a sync with your account to update the expiration date in app.
  • Go to informant settings>accounts>informant sync. Login to your informant sync account using the same email address you setup the account with. This should be the same username you have logged into informant sync with on all your other devices in informant too. Tap the sync option to force it to complete a sync. When this is done you'll see your last sync date and current expiration date.
  • If you still have trouble, contact support with a screenshot of your last renewal proof of purchase and your informant sync username so we can re-verify and correct your account on our server.

Incorrect Password
If you get a message that indicates a username/password error, change your password first.
  • Check your username to make sure it matches the one you created the account with.
  • Change your password using this link - https://pocketinformantonline.com/forgot
  • Make sure you are trying to login from the informant application at informant settings>accounts>informant sync. If you are using the 'my account' option on our website that is not for informant sync; that is for the purchase system which is in no way connected to your informant sync account.
  • If you still have trouble, contact support and let us know your informant sync username so we can change the password directly on our servers and confirm you will be able to login.

Unsure Of What Your Username Is
Your username is typically an email address.
  • If you have tried to login with the wrong username and get an error and you don't have an option to change the login username you entered - remove the account completely then try again.
  • Check any other device you have logged into informant sync with to see the appropriate username you need.
  • If you are unable to determine which email address you setup for your informant sync account, contact support and let us know any email addresses or nicknames you may have used and we can search our servers to determine which is has an active account.