The easiest way to submit a case to support is from the Feedback tab in the App.  This provides a lot of useful technical information that can help us to resolve your support case more quickly.
If you send the support case to us from our website we will likely ask for more information depending on the situation.
In your case description please give as much detail as possible.  It is also helpful to know exactly what you were doing in the app at the time of the issue.  The more data you can provide at the beginning of the case the less we will need to go back and forth to get questions answered.
We understand frustration when things don't work properly. We are here to assist you. If you should happen to run into a bug or misbehavior of the app it is not due to negligence on our part.
The products we release are of the highest possible quality at the time of release.  This does not mean bug free.  Informant is a complex application and sometimes bugs happen.  We are here for you when an issue occurs.
Support hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm US Eastern time.  Responses are delayed on Mondays and immediately following an Informant update or iOS/AndroidOS /macOS OS update.
Contact support here.