You can create a new informant sync account several ways

- From our website, go to this link to purchase and create your Informant Sync Subscription . You'll choose a username and password, then complete the purchase option or choose the two week trial.

Then go to informant on your device and at informant settings>accounts>informant sync>login and complete a sync with the account you just created.


- In the informant application go to informant settings>accounts>add sync service>informant sync. Choose the option to create a new account to choose a username and password, then complete your purchase or select the two week trial option.

When that is completed, finish the login/sync process to complete a sync with your account.

*If you already have an informant sync account and need help with logging in or syncing please contact support. Don't create another account as you won't be able to sync data between two different informant sync accounts.